Make sure you appear in the search results. The higher you are ranking the more people will find you.

Website Optimization

The higher you are ranking the more people will find you. It is however not that simple. Google’s search algorithm is the reason it takes between 4-6 months for a website to successfully rank high on Google.

This monthly cost also includes the building of the relevant landing pages every month. It includes the content creation plan, the social media integration and constant improvement of your entire website. We make sure your website is constantly kept up to date with the latest industry trends and SEO changes. Your website will always be up to date.

Every month we provide you with a report which shows exactly how many sales we have generated your company and at what cost. We work with your sales team to enable you to measure what is working and needs to be amplified and which sales channels need to be dumped.

The Advantages SEO:

  • SEO is the most powerful form of marketing.
  • SEO is measurable.
  • SEO allows your business to target the most ideal customers for a small cost. 
  • Most paying customers are starting their buyer’s journey online.
  • Your customers are on social media and SEO helps you reach them.
  • It is easy and quick to adapt your SEO strategy and tactics for the best results.

The Disadvantages SEO:

  • SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. 
  • Your digital marketing agency will have to know your business very well in order to create a strong campaign.
  • SEO is a highly competitive space.

Optimise your website and get traffic that converts