Why choose us to manage your Local Services ads for you? Improve google ads results 350% in 1 month

Google Ads Management

Google Local Services ads (Google Guaranteed) are an affordable way for contractors and other local businesses to increase leads and sales from the web and earn the trust of local buyers.

One of our digital marketing strategists develops a complete digital marketing strategy for you! The following elements of your strategy will be developed and explained:

  • Customer buying journey and persona
  • Campaign targeting for different stages of the strategy and to reach your specific marketing goals
  • The most appropriate marketing channels, campaign types and content for your goals and budget

We ensure that you understand how the strategy should be implemented, what monthly budget is required and what the next steps and expected timelines are.

Local Services Ads Management: What’s Included

  1. Application Process – Your team will be guided through the entire Local Services application process from start to finish, so you have one less thing on your to-do list.
  2. Ad Setup & Campaign Launch – Tell us what services you’d like to be found online for, and our team will handle the entire process of setting up your Local Services ads and campaigns from the moment you’re approved through campaign launch.
  3. Ad Tracking & Reporting – You’ll receive detailed reporting (that you can actually understand) that connects your data to your bottom line.
  4. Lead Disputes – We will dispute non-leads for you and get you your money back from Google.

Contact us online to learn more about Local Services ads management.